Our Green Spaces

Despite some important and beautiful reservation lands and recreation areas within the 6.5 square mile city limits of Cambridge, our ratio of green space to population is shrinking. (Connect to GreenCambridge's Open Space Report here.) With the range of health benefits natural, open landscapes offer to residents and, most crucially, children, the importance of our green space and its management continues to grow. At CELP, we realize the critical importance of looking behind the ratios for the truth about location, access, and usage of that green space. Much of our urban wild is located at the far edges of our city, and often challenged by barriers of major roadways, poor public transportation links, and lack of awareness about their existence. To add to the difficulty, in many cases our local schools are in high density neighborhoods with paved playgrounds and little access to nature beyond a small school garden or a street tree. Our challenge is to find creative, sustainable ways to give our students frequent access to and educational opportunities in these often under-utilized outdoor classrooms.